Activate all StarCash Cards


Use this procedure to activate all StarCash cards attached to an invoice.

Step Action
1 Select StarCash | Activate from the menu bar.
The Activate StarCash Cards screen is displayed.
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2 Select an option from the Select Account dropdown list.
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3 Enter search criteria to filter your search (optional):
  • Invoice Number – without the leading zero .
  • Card Number From – enter card number
  • Card Number To – enter card number
  • Denomination – select an option from the dropdown list (for pre-loaded cards only).
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4 Click Search.
The results list displays all deactivated cards attached to an invoice.
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5 Click Activate All.
A message dialog box is displayed.
6 Click OK.
All cards attached to the invoice are submitted for activation.
A message displays when activation is completed. Show me.

There will be a delay of up to 15 minutes before the cards can be used through the point of sale device.

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